Three Legged Toad:
Positive Placement For Prosperity

The three legged toad is a popular eastern symbol used to attract good fortune. Often sitting upon coins and ingots and always with a coin in its mouth, it is considered an auspicious representation of abundance.

Visitors have asked questions about buying and placing this feng shui symbol in their home.

Question From Susan: I went to a feng shui shop intending to buy a bronze 3-legged toad. It had 7 red stones studded on its back. I really loved it. Unfortunately, they were out of stock but the lady offered to sell me the one they've been using in the shop.

  1. Can I buy a used one?
  2. How do I activate it?
  3. Can I place it under the couch in the living room?

I was told if the toad has 7 stones embedded, it's already activated. Does that mean I don't need to do anything? Do I need to wash it in salt water?

Answers: Purchase And Placement

While generous of the shop owner to offer the one they are using, their energy and intentions are already associated with it -- this is significant. Cleaning with salt water helps but more is needed with this one.

Keeping the process simple ensures greater effectiveness -- better to get a new one. And you have to like a symbol for it to be beneficial for you. Terrific to hear this part is achieved. : )

Yes, a three legged toad like this one may be placed under the sofa in the living room -- frogs like dark places. ; ) While the floor is good, it's best to place it on a little red cushion or cloth, which may be cut to fit the size.

Seven red stones:
- are often positioned to align with the big dipper -- an association to time via the stars above
- may be added to make the three legged toad more attractive and to symbolize prosperity from not only money, but gemstones and jewels as well

To activate, state an intention for placing the object such as . . . I, Susan, am attracting opportunities for money and prosperity into my life.

Placement Recommendations

Three Legged Toad
  • place so the front (mouth/coin) faces into the room -- front entrance, living room or office
  • display so below your eye level when you are sitting -- floor, accent table, etc
  • add something red -- small piece of fabric, cushion or box -- for symbol to sit on
  • ensure coin is in toad's mouth
  • state your intention

X facing a door or window directs abundance out
X displaying in a bedroom, bathroom or utility room is inappropriate
X having the three legged toad at or above your eye level when sitting or standing goes against nature -- they are on the ground or hop onto rocks but they remain near ground or water level

More Three Legged Toad Experiences And Questions

I bought a 3-legged frog 2 months back. I was so excited and am still excited about it. Well we had more cash outflow than inflow. My husband thinks it's the frog but I don't believe that. Maybe I have placed it wrong.

Once you get into my house, first comes a small drawing room, which has a small wall parallel to the front door. To the left of the room is a door to our living room and to the right, the door to the balcony. It is diagonally facing the door to the right.

  • should I place the frog facing my living room (from under a couch)?
  • when should I wash it with salt water?
  • red activates it? (it has red eyes)
  • is it ok to place it on a box with a red cloth covering the box?


For the direction, turn the frog to face left, toward your living room - into your home - rather than going outside.

Or it may be placed any time under a couch in the living room. Some people like to see the symbol while others don't - personal preference.

Displaying it on a box with a red cloth is also good. Red adds an element of yang - an active energy to boost the power of the symbol. : )

A few considerations:

  • clean the frog any time. Dissolve sea salt in water, wash the toad, rinse and let dry
  • when you put the symbol back in place after cleaning it, state an intention and be specific about your goal

Three Legged Toad On Elephant

This three legged toad is sitting on a decorated elephant with jewels, coins and ingots. The elephant represents added strength, wisdom, protection and stability.

Click here for a similar elephant and money frog available through Amazon.

Question From Alice: Can I place the three legged toad on the air conditioner? My wealth area is a wall without any table attached to it except for an air conditioner and wall mounted clock. Shall I place it facing in toward the house?

Response:  A three legged toad should be below eye level when you're sitting. If the AC is closer to the floor, place the symbol on a piece of material and yes, position it to face into the area.

Successful Result From Efren: Good news entered into our house! Although I am not the direct beneficiary, the news is highly welcome. The family is happy about it. The feng shui toad did its purpose. :)

In this case, the visual appeal of the three legged toad, intention and feelings of hope and happiness created strong positive vibrations -- a wonderful energetic influence and outcome!

Thanks for your questions and feedback! Wishing everyone good luck and prosperity!

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