Feng Shui Elements Facilitate Desired Outcomes

Assess your surroundings and harness the positive with various feng shui elements. Make your space work for you -- one layer at a time. Garner rewarding results. : )

Whether new to this practice or more advanced, there are basic elements involved. Understanding them helps us utilize feng shui effectively.

Fundamental Feng Shui Elements

There are 4 steps everyone can implement -- usually by working with what you have.

1) Learn your Guardian Star personal energy number and face your best directions to benefit. Enjoy greater vitality, enlightenment positive relationships and prosperity.

2) Generate fortunate energy (chi) to attract good fortune. When it flows positively, it leads to a bette life. Make space and create curving paths for chi to flow. Yes, that may mean releasing clutter.

3) Apply the feng shui principle of yin yang to support harmony. Assess the current level using the attributes associated with the yin yang symbol.

4) Create a nourishing cycle of support and balance through the five elements. Water, wood, fire, earth and metal represent specific characteristics associated with nature. We use shapes, colors and motions to influence energy.

Through each step introduced -- basically layer by layer -- balance is created. Harmony is felt and we benefit from being in the flow. : )


Further Resources To Assess And Inspire

Once the basics are in place, consider the next levels of feng shui practice. Assess the current surroundings:

An accurate facing direction of a home is essential to analysis. With this knowledge, apply the bagua (bag'wah) map to the floor plan. The bagua identifies 8 directional sectors within your home.

Placing feng shui elements related to the individual sectors is considered the general layer of influence. For example, the south is associated with fire energy in all homes and buildings.

You may wish to add another piece. Life aspirations include career, relationships and wealth to name a few. Inspirational symbolism is often used to activate the aspirations. Find out the key to using symbols.

Feng shui is best applied in layers -- one step at a time. Increase your knowledge. Try different aspects and see how they feel.

Remember, feng shui is not about perfection. It is about creating supportive surroundings -- finding balance and harmony within our environments. Positive energy flow increases the potential for achieving the outcomes we want. : )

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Five Elements

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