Apply Feng Shui To Enhance
Opportunities And Outcomes

Achieve your desires faster by surrounding yourself with supportive energy. Feng shui increases the flow of positive energy -- it enhances our functionality and draws goodness into our life.

Get in the flow -- more opportunities will present themselves . . . your actions will achieve results sooner:

  • harmonious relationships
  • health and vitality
  • financial abundance
  • romance and more : )

It involves aligning furniture -- like a bed or desk -- to support your personal energy. Using colors, shapes, motions of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Yin and yang. Guiding principles to facilitate balance and harmony.

Flourish Through The Wisdom Of Feng Shui

See it embrace you and those you care about. Nourish and gently propel you.. : )

Pronounced 'fung shway' -- it rhymes with 'young play'. Feng means "wind" while shui means "water" -- the natural elements that direct energy.

It's as practical and effective today as it was thousands of years ago. It helps us create a balanced environment by working with elements associated with nature -- the flow of natural cycles.

Mountain and water forms influence energy Good Feng Shui is living in harmony with nature It enhances the flow of energy Leads to balance and harmony Inspires joyful vitality Enriches your life

Transform Energy To Thrive In All Areas

Minor changes in alignment and placement -- of furniture and decorative objects -- may be the very solutions you need. The effects of clearing clutter -- making space for energy to flow freely -- are often felt immediately.

Some promote the purchase of this, that and the other to ensure your success. I like to be practical. : )

My name is Shirley and I believe we all can enhance energy by working with what we have first.  Modify energy flow! Using time and space. Elements and principles. Practical, affordable, contemporary options. : )

I've been practicing Classical Feng Shui for years. Even with training, I continue to study the work of multiple Masters. 

Sometimes simple adjustments are the perfect solution:

What a difference moving the bed has made. When you walk into the room you can feel the peace and calm. I removed all of the electrical equipment and the only thing I have now, is a battery operated alarm clock and a small bedside lamp. I also removed a picture of a waterfall. At one time I also had an elliptical in the room. Thinking back on it, I am surprised I got any sleep at all.

I have noticed my sleep is getting much better and feel more restful . . . Thank you, again, for your great advice.

Experience is a wonderful teacher -- it also helps to filter through conflicting information. Together we can make a difference.

Ready to hop on board the positive energy wave with me?

With Feng Shui 411 as your guide, you'll learn to connect the elements of feng shui and empower yourself with good vibrations -- at home and at work. The more you learn and apply, the more positivity, balance and harmony will nourish and support you. : )

Feel Better And Reap The Rewards

Take it one step at a time. Explore more options. Notice how you feel. Adjust as you go along.

Enjoy the information, tips and budget-friendly solutions. Learn how easy it is to benefit from this time-honored method.

Together let's focus on what we can control. Make the best of what is available. : )

Wishing you an abundance of fortunate energy, harmony and wealth in all areas!

"He who is contented is rich." - Lao Tzu

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